LETSCOM vs. Vogek vs. Avantree aptX: Headphone Battle

Between the LETSCOM vs. Vogek vs. Avantree aptX; which one is the best?

Here it is ladies and gentlemen. Three highly popular headphones side-by-side facing off. While each pair has its standard ups and downs, they also have their own unique benefits. 

Depending on what you’re looking for in a pair of headphones will determine which of these might be you the best choice for you. After extensive research, personal experience, and reviews; We formulated an in-depth comparison between each one. May the battle commence!  

But first…

What Makes A Pair Of Headphones Good?

  1. Sound Quality: How good the overall audio quality of music, phone calls, or video.
  2. Comfort: The ability to remain comfortable for extended periods of time without itchiness, annoyance, or ear pain.
  3. Build Quality: The overall durability and longevity. Able to withstand harsh conditions for extended periods of time.
  4. Noise Isolation/ Active Noise Cancelling: If any at all, how well the active noise cancelling or noise isolating abilities are.
  5. Battery Life: How long the battery life of the pair of headphones is at a full charge.
  6. Added Features: A few examples of added features headphones offer can be Bluetooth capabilities, built-in AI assistant, headphone controls, built-in microphone for phone calls, flexibility, rotatable ear cups, etc.

We compared and contrasted each of these factors for the LETSCOM, Vogek, & Avantree aptX

Sound Quality

Especially for music listeners, the overall quality of sound is a massive factor in finding your perfect pair of headphones. There are various factors that impact a pair of headphones’ sound quality.

The LETSCOM has excellent sound quality with its 40mm large-aperture drivers. It also provides a deep-bass function for a much more profound low-end. The sound is well-balanced, rich, and clear. These headphones produce better sound quality than most pairs three times the price. Overall, you will be more than pleased with the sound quality and bass boost button.

The sound quality of the Vogek is extremely good. It has 50mm speaker drivers, neodymium magnets, and HIFI sound quality. The bass response is extremely good, as well. It doesn’t get too boomy, overpowering, or muddy even at max volume. You will be very pleased with the overall audio quality for the low price. It’s very clear, crisp, and rich sounding.

Avantree aptX
These headphones produce very clear and high-quality sound. It uses 40mm drivers and Hi-Fi technology for its high-quality audio. Keep in mind that these headphones and every other low-budget pair of headphones do not compete in audio quality compared to more expensive top-tier headphones. However, for the low-price, the Avantree aptX sound is very good. The lower mids have a minor boost to them. Some people like the lower mid boost, others don’t. The highs are nice and crisp without sounding too harsh. Overall, it has a great sound quality for the price.

Overall, the Vogek has the best sound quality by a thin margin.


The ability for headphones to remain comfortable for extended periods of time without itchiness, annoyance, pressure, or ear pain. Considering many people use headphones for commute, air travel, or work; Comfort is a vital factor.

In terms of its comfort, these headphones are great. With their comfy protein earpads and soft headband, these headphones can be worn for extended periods. For smaller to medium-sized heads, the fitting is exceptionally nice. The earpads may be a little tight for larger heads. Overall, you will be satisfied with their comfort.

Both the protein leather and memory foam add a huge amount of comfort to these headphones. These headphones are easily able to fit just about any head size with its adjustable headband. For people who wear glasses, they would be satisfied with the comfort, as well.

Avantree aptX
Largely due to the incredibly soft ear pads and adjustable headband, I was very impressed by how comfortable these headphones are. The Avantree aptX is very lightweight and has just the right amount of clamping force for my head. Considering the earpads don’t press on the ear, it can be easily worn for extended periods. These headphones are easily able to be worn without discomfort for periods of roughly 5 hours.

Overall, the LETSCOM is the most comfortable of the three.

Build Quality

What good are your amazingly sounding headphones if they break in a few months? The overall durability and longevity are crucial for any investment you make. Especially for those who need headphones for commute, it’s important they’re able to withstand vigorous traveling conditions consistently.

These headphones have a better build quality than what you’re paying for. With their collapsable abilities, they are very portable as well. These headphones feel pretty sturdy. However, there have been a few complaints of them breaking due to wear and tear earlier than expected.

These headphones have a decent build quality. They are not the best, but the build is suitable for the price range. We don’t recommend you to travel with these headphones often. However, the 90-degree rotatable earcups and foldability indeed come in handy.

Avantree aptX
These headphones have a decent build quality. For the price, they are relatively sturdy while maintaining its lightweight. I don’t see any signs of longevity issues for at-home use. It has a rubberizing coating on the black plastic for added protection. The headband is soft, which is another reason many enjoy their comfort. I don’t believe these headphones can handle vigorous conditions. If you’re planning on traveling often, I don’t recommend these headphones. I give the build a 5.5 out of 10.


Overall, the LETSCOM has the best build quality.

Noise Isolation/ Active Noise Cancelling

Don’t be confused between active noise cancelling and noise isolation headphones. They are both entirely different. Noise-cancelling technology is very unique. Unlike noise-isolating headphones, noise-cancelling headphones do not eradicate outside noise by physical insulation. Within the ear cups, they have a mini microphone that picks up the outside environmental noise. It then triggers a frequency entirely opposite to the outside ambient noise. Thus, canceling out most outside ambient sound.

These headphones provide decent noise-isolation for their price. While they don’t have active noise cancelling abilities, their passive noise isolation will satisfy you.

While these headphones don’t provide active noise cancelling, they do, however, offer extremely good passive noise-isolation. Once you put them on, a large percentage of sounds from the outside world are turned off. In this price range, the Vogek provides the very best noise-isolation.

Avantree aptX
These headphones do not provide active noise cancelling. However, they provide adequate passive noise-isolation. After putting them on, they naturally reduce outside noise by a decent amount. They don’t block out as much noise as active noise-cancelling headphones. I give the passive noise-isolation abilities a 6.5 out of 10. In other words, I recommend them for anyone who only wants to diminish the outside environmental noise lightly.

Overall, the Vogek provides the very best passive noise isolation.

Battery Life

Battery life is an overlooked subject when speaking about over-ear headphones. Obviously, the only headphones that have a battery life are those which are wireless. Many headphones on the market do not have wireless capabilities. But for those who do, a more extended battery-life becomes a convenient factor.

These headphones have the most extended battery life I’ve ever seen with a shocking 100-hours of playtime. It uses a robust 1200mAh built-in battery. After a full charge, you may not need to worry about charging it for months. 

These headphones are wired and don’t provide active noise cancelling.

Avantree aptX
The Avantree aptX provides a 40-hour battery life. It only takes about 2-hours to fully charge.

Overall, the LETSCOM has the most extended battery life by far.  

Added Features/Summary

Here we summarize each pair of headphones and talk about some of the added features.

Overall, the LETSCOM is a fantastic bang for the buck pair of headphones. Their sound quality, comfort, battery life, and secure Bluetooth connection for the price is fantastic. They provide a bass boost button that makes an adequate difference in the low-end for bass lovers. Be sure to check out the reviews below.

These headphones are wired as they don’t offer Bluetooth capabilities, nor do they have any added features. Overall, the Vogek is an excellent bang for the buck bass-heavy pair running below $50. Be sure to check out the reviews below.

Avantree aptX
Avantree is so confident about the aptX that it comes with a 2-year warranty. The built-in microphone only works while the headphones are in Bluetooth mode, not wired. In my experience, the built-in microphone worked surprisingly well. Typically headphones at this cheap of a price have minor issues with the built-in mic. However, I had no complaints at all while using mine for phone calls. The people I spoke to said the difference was very minimal but nothing to be concerned with.

Overall, the LETSCOM has the best built-in mic for call quality and the most secure Bluetooth wireless. 

Similarities Between

  • All cover the ear
  • All are very popular
  • All are highly-rated and reviewed
  • All are very affordable below $50
  • None provide active noise cancelling

Our Winner | LETSCOM vs. Vogek vs. Avantree aptX

Keep in mind that our opinion is not the end all be all. Like mentioned earlier, everyone has different needs, requirements, and budgets for their headphones. However, our winner is the LETSCOM by a small margin. The other headphones are extremely good as well. They are all a fantastic bang for the buck.

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